I Will Obey

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1. Father, I kneel in solemn communion,Quietly, calming thoughts turn to Thee.Searching for answers, finding my way,In need of Thy guidance; humbly I pray.Testing my faith, I reach out to Thee.My Saviour is calling: "Come, Follow Me."Faithful and true, I cov'nant to serve Thee.Where dost Thou need me? Where should I go?No matter how far that journey may lead me,I will obey.
2. Though it may seem that darkness surrounds me,Though I may wander, stumble and fall,Strengthen me, guide me, show me the way,Forgive me my errors. Help me, I pray.Foll'wing my Saviour, I shall not hide,There's nothing I fear with Him by my side.Faithful and true, I cov'nant to serve Thee.All Thou commandest, that shall I do.No matter how hard the challenge before me,I will obey.
3. Though I feel weak and trials confound me,Though I may doubt my efforts each day,Softly, the Spirit whispers to me;My strivings have brought me closer to Thee.E'er shall I seek and feed on Thy word.With prayer in my heart, Thine answers are heard.Faithful and true, I cov'nant to serve Thee.Where I am needed, there shall I go.No matter how long life's journey before me;I will obey.
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